Friday, December 16, 2011

My very first blog!

    So, yay! I have a place to blog, thanks to my hubby! In fact he's typing this for me because I'm being lazy. lol! I mainly wanted to start this as a way to share my recipes. For now they are mostly based off of other's recipes (most of which I found on Pinterest), but eventually I will create my own.

    You might find some of my tips and/or recipes very simple but that's how I like it! When I'm looking for recipes, I only choose those that have simple ingredients. Nobody likes going out to buy that one ingredient that you will probably never use again. For example, most newer Pampered Chef recipes have odd ingredients (although I love Pampered Chef, but that's another blog!).  Some of my favorite places to find recipes are Southern Living magazine, Kraft Foods magazine, My, and Pinterest.  These sources use basic ingredients with only one or two distinctive items that set that recipe apart.

    Feel free to follow my blog to get ideas for recipes and ideas for other random things!

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